Christine Rieck-Sonntag
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Being an artist I didn't drive through Africa taking pictures with my camera but with pencil and sketchbook. I drew during the days in buses and in the evenings by sitting under the mosquito net, to meet the next day curiously and open hearted again. Crossing Tanzania I didn't only meet poorness and resignation but also powerful women with their fantasy and courage.

Their laughing and trust into themselves was catching me. They just fasten their kangas stronger around their hips and start to solve their problems together. "There is no single hand which tills the ground alone" is printed on one of their kangas. Can't I, can't we in Germany be this helping hand to lend it for those essential and necessary works?

Die tansanischen Skizzen sind auch in Form eines Dauerkalenders erhältlich,
15 Euro inkl. MWSt. zuz. Portokosten. Der Erlös dient einem tansanischen Hilfsprojekt.

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